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2014 Christmas Party

2014 Christmas Party

The photo is of the past and present President, in case you did not recognise them !

What an awesome day with 142 for breakfast and 136 for the fun bridge.  We think that is a record. Sorry we had to turn people away, but we were bursting at the seems.

Your committee worked very hard preparing the cooked breakfast and srummy afternoon tea.  It was amazing that we could feed everyone in less than an hour during breakfast and 15 minutes for afternoon tea.  The formula is a tried and tested one over many years seems to work and on the day, it is the team work that shines the most.

Of course, none of this could happen if it wasn't for the members who come along dressed up and prepared to have fun.  Even playing out on the street created much laughter and toots from the public.  Those who braved being on display in public are hereby branded our "Marketing" committee

It was wonderful to see a room full of things such as snakes, snake charmers, superman, sweeties, shopperholics, statue of liberty, sailors, sharks, slam hands, stayman, sunflowers, scarecrows, stars and stripes, six of spades, Swiss, scarlet runners, sleep walker, sparklers, Spanish dancer, Sherrifs, Santa's helpers, a squaw amd last but not least our very own 95 year old suffragette.  

The suffragette took time to speak to the large gathering of women to ask for an extra commitment to ensure women could vote.  Her suggestions were: no slippers at the fireplace, no bangers and mash, maybe a little cold toungue and nothing must happen behind the closed bedroom door.  Throughout the day, she got total commitment from her "sisters" who pledged to follow her advice and men who told her they were pleased they were not married or around during the suffrage movement !

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Posted: Mon 15 Dec 2014


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