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Fun day at the 2015 Cambridge 6's

Fun day at the 2015 Cambridge 6's


1st - “Six Pistols”: Linley Hay, Helen Heuvel, Gloria Mouatt, Ronelle Middleton, Mike Nicholson & Carol Cullen (2nd team from right in group photo)

3rd - “Tartan 2’s”: Norm Silcock, Kate Terry, Peter Hagan, June Hagan, Andrea Andresen & Stacey Hilton (3rd team from left in group photo)

4th = “Bridge Power”: Stephen Francks, Amanda Smith, Joy Bates, Colin Roberts, Helen Moffatt & Diane Blumson (middle team in group photo)


2nd Open Pairs: Stephen Francks & Amanda Smith 

4th Intermediate Pairs: Peter Hagan & June Hagan 


Winners of the trivia: “Tartan 2’s” for the 2nd year in a row

Click here for the Results

Posted: Mon 18 May 2015


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