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NZ Congress - is over for another year

NZ Congress - is over for another year

This is the premier bridge event in NZ Bridge's annual calendar attracting hundreds of entries from around the country and overseas.

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Tauranga member featured in the following events (click on the event to view the results):

NZ Pairs - 6th: Kathy Yule and partner

NZ Pairs Plate - 25th: Judy McLeod & Cynthia Clayton

Congress Pairs - 15th: Kate Terry & Mary Ellen Newton

Back to the Future Teams - 10th: Amanda Smith and team, 11th: Julie Sheridan, Karen Martelletti & Kate Terry, 12th: Pat Ware and team

Point a Board Teams - 7th: Amanda Smith, Judy McLeod and team mates

Same Sex Pairs - 7th: Julie Sheridan, Karen Martelletti 

Senior Pairs - 3rd: Pat Rutherford & Heather Melville

Intermediate Swiss Pairs - 1st: Gilda Rowland & Deborah Greenway

Last day blues

Oh dear, so many tired people about and bids are missed, or forgotten.  

Julie Sheridan did not see her partner (Karen Martelletti) open and thought she was making the first bid and went 1NT (11-14).  The opposition overcalled 2S and Karen passed thinking Julie had 6-9 poiunts.  Luckily for Julie, after the 2S bid, she spotted Karen's 1D open, so was given a 2nd chance and bid 3NT.  Poor Karen wondered how her partner could find so many points that must have been hidden when she made her 1NT response.  All went well and 3NT made, but a few boards later Karen returned the compliment.  After the opposition opened 1C, Julie bid 2C to show 2 suits the same colour.  Karen thought that because the 1C bid could be strong and short, 2C was natural, as they have a different convention over the strong 1C.  Neither thought to discuss their defence before the start of the match, so as a result neither were on the same page.  The opposition could not pass fast enough and poor Julie ended up playing in a 2-0 fit when they could make 6 hearts !!!  5 light minus 250....opps !

I guess on day 8 and Boards 506th and 515th played that week will be remembered for a wee while !!

Posted: Sun 04 Oct 2015


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