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Ron Klinger has been to Tauranga

Ron Klinger has been to Tauranga

Ron is bridge royalty, but he also had the privilege in meeting our very own royal member, Mavis Meyer. They shook hands and chatted.  The beam on Mavis's face was worth a million dollars !  We also had a giggle when Dawn Black said she went on one of Ron's cruises and loved his lessons.  Ron noted she was sitting doing nothing and quipped back to her "and you are still playing Dummy ?"

Ron had a busy schedule, visiting Cambridge, Tauranga, Rotorua and Hamilton, so Karen acted as his tour guide.  It made life easier for Ron and his wife Suzie, so they could relax in between sessions and enjoy some scenery. 61 people attended Tauranga, which was the highest attendance of the 4 clubs in the area. We hope you enjoyed Ron's lesson and humour.  Maybe he will come back again one day.

Karen picked up some quick tips while at these sessions and will post them on the website from time to time, so watch this space...



Ron and Tour Guide Karen


Posted: Thu 05 Nov 2015


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