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Tournament successes for 2016

Tournament successes for 2016

Rotorua Xmas - view results

2nd - Sam Simpson & Liz Fisher (Hamilton)

Te Awamutu Xmas - view results

2nd - Amanda Smith & Stephen Francks

Thames Xmas - view results

1st - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

Te Puke Open - view results

2nd - Margaret Wakelin & Bev Walker

Hamilton Labour weekend Congress

Teams - view results

1st - Kathy & Ken Yule (with Michael Ware & David Skipper)

Swiss Pairs - view results

1st - Judy Pawson & Kate Terry

Taupo Open 8B - view results

3rd - Edna Nicholson & Sue Gibbons

Matamata Intermediate - view results

1st Brenda Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Mount Restricted - view results

2nd - Malcolm Christie & Graham Young

3rd - Karen Martelletti & Megan Wackrow

1st Junior/Junior - Carol Cullen and Mike Nicholson
1st Intermediate/Junior - Bren Birss and Tina Kennedy
1st Intermediate/Intermediate - Chris Gibson and Anne Clarke
1st Open/Junior - Elaine Kingsford and Julie Sheridan
1st Open/Intermediate - Pamela Pedersen and Sarah Stacey

Click here to view all Congress results

2016 Congress successes for Tauranga players 

Senior Pairs: 2nd - Judy McLeod & Alan Turner

Intermediate Pairs: 3rd - Hattie Curtis & Bruce Ballard

NZ Senior Teams: 1st - Judy McLeod & Alan Turner with team mates Ian Clayton & Noel Woodhall

NZ Open Pairs5th - Sam & Jo Simpson

Back to the Future Teams8th - Kate Terry, Judy Pawson, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Mixed Pairs5th - Ken & Kathy Yule

Intermediate Swiss Pairs: 2nd - Hattie Curtis & Bruce Ballard

Open Swiss Pairs:  10th - Ken & Kathy Yule,  11th - Sam & Jo Simpson

Cormack Cup (best womens team in the NZ Teams); Kate Terry, Judy Pawson, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Waikato-Bays Rubber Winners: Jo & Sam Simpson

Rotorua Open view results

1st - Jo & Sam Simpson
4th - Graham Young & Shirley Bain

Whakatane Novice 

1st - Keryn O'Brien & Mike Newton

Hamilton Junior - view results

3rd - Mike Nicholson & Carol Cullen
4th - Mike and Angela Newton

Tauranga Ladies - view results

1st - Julie Sheridann & Karen Martelletti
2nd - Judy McLeod & Cynthia Clayton
3rd - Carolyn Parker & Joy Bates
Best non Open pair - Gilda Rowlan & Tina Dudley

Cambridge 6s view results

5th - Peter Pan and friends
2nd Junior pair: Melanie Rex & Stacey Hilton

Pairs results: Open  Intermediate  Junior

Mount Intermediate - view results

3rd - Bruce Ballard & Hattie Curtis

Mount Junior - view results

1st - Jan Gyenge & Don Espie
2nd - Stu Dumbleton & Jennifer Davies

Mount Novice - view results

3rd - Mike Newton & Angela Newton

Tauranga Save the Children Charity - view results

1st - Amanda Smith & Jane Stearns
2nd - Helen Heuvel & John Laugesen
3rd - Jo Simpson & Kathy Yule


1st - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
2nd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
3rd - Julie Shridan & Karen Martelletti

Best Intermediate player: Joy Bates

Rd 4 BOP Pairs  - View results 

1st - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
2nd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
3rd - Jenna Gibbons & Christine Gibbons

Te Aroha Spa Teams

Intermediate - view results

1st - Tina Dudley, Muriel Cruickshank, Carol Cullen & Gilda Rowland

Open - view results

4th - Judy Pawson, Kate Terry, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Tauranga Novice Pairs - view results

1st - Angela Newton & Mike Newton
2nd - Kathy Abel & Jill Stewart

Tauranga Junior view results

1st - Melanie Rex & Jan Johnstone

Tauranga Intermediate - view Results

1st - June Hagan & Peter Hagan
2nd - Bruce Ballard & Hattie Curtis
3rd - Kerry Crosby & Caren Van Der Meys

Rd 3 BOP Pairs - View results

1st - Kathy Yule & Jo Simpson
2nd - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
3rd - John Laugeson & Helen Huevel

Best non Open Pair: Brend Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Hawkes Bay Congress

Welcome Pairs - View Results

2nd NS - Kate Terry & Karen Martelletti

Open Pairs - View results

7th - Judy McLeod & Cynthia Clayton

Open Teams Final - View Results

5th - Tony Hacking, John Pitts, Pat Rutherford & Heather Melville

Open Teams plate - View Results

2nd - Judy McLeod and team mates
3rd - Julie Sheridan, Claire McAllister, Kate Terry & Karen Martelletti

Intermediate Pairs - View Results

2nd - Chris Andrews and Megan Wackrow

Rd 2 BOP Pairs - View results 

1st - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
2nd - Pat Rutherford & Heather Melville

Te Puke Intermediate - View results

1st - Bruce Ballard & Hattie Curtis
2nd - Janice Simpson & Eric Burnie

Waikato Bays Inter Provincial Trials

OpenHank Ping & Yuzhong Chen (Hamilton), Alan Turner & Ian Clayton (Hamilton)

WomenChristine Gibbons & Jenna Gibbons (Waikato), Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

Seniors: Tony Hacking & Pat Rutherford, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

IntermediateBruce Ballard & Hattie Curtis, Jeffrey Chang & Mark Thomson (Hamilton)

Click here to view the trials results

Taupo Open - View results

2nd - Alan Turner & Ian Clayton

Matamata Junior - view result

1st - Melanie Res & Jan Johnstone
2nd - Barbara Stimson & Lyn Bailie

Hamilton Ladies 

Intermediate view results

3rd - Gilda Rowland & Tina Dudley

Open - view results

2nd - Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Rd 1 BOP Pairs (Whakatane) - view results

1st -  Joy Bates & Amanda Smith
3rd= Hank Pink & Margaret Somers and Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Tauranga Open - view results

3rd - Christine & Jenna Gibbons

Mount Maunganui Multi Grade - view results

1st - Tony Hacking & Ron Scott
2nd - Alan Turner & Ian Clayton
3rd - Hank Ping & Margaret Somers
5th - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

Best Intermediate Pair: Gilda Rowland & Tina Dudley

Taranaki Congress 

Open Pairsview results 

  3rd Marion Kelly & Norm Silcock

Open Teams - View results Qualifying  *  Final  *  Plate

  4th - Kate Terry & Karen Martelletti with Brett Glass & Gary Foidl
  8th - Judy McLeod with Dereck Evernett, Barry Jones & Jenny Millington

Te Puke Restricted

1st Intermediate/Intermediate - Bren Birss & Pamela Pedersen
1st Open/Junior - Melanie Rex & Margaret Somers
1st Open/Intermediate - Margaret Howcroft & Bev Walker

Waikato Bays Novice Tournament - view results

1st - Tim Torr & Suzanne Lugton

Tauranga Mini Congress Waikato Bays Provincial 10A Pairs - view results 

6th - Sam & Jo Simpson

Tauranga Mini Congress 10A Teams Finals - view results

3rd - Ken & Kathy Yule with Murat Genc & Arleen Schwartz

Tauranga Mini Congress 10A Teams Plate - view results

1st - Sam & Jo Simpson with Michael & Vivian Cornell
3rd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson with Nick Jacob & Kinga Hajmasi

Tauranga Mini Congress 3A Consolation Pairs - view results

3rd - Alan Turner & Jonathon Westoby

Judy & Kate bringing home the bacon from the Thames Xmas tournament

Mount Restricted: 2nd - Graeme & Malcolm      3rd - Megan & Karen

Ladies Pairs winners: Karen & Julie with President Derek Webb

Click here to view Cambridge 6s photos

Junior Winner - Jan Gyenge (and Don Espie) 

Mount Junior winner: Jan Gyenge (without Don)


BOP Pairs Winners: Alan & Stephen

Best Intermediate player in the BOP Pairs: Joy Bates with Stephen Searle

Top Intermediate Team in the Spa Teams: Tina, Carol, Muriel & Gilda

Winners of the Tauranga Novice pairs Mike & Angela Newton

We got a mention on the NZB site.  Click here to have a read

Inter-Provincial Teams

Open  Women


Matamata Junior winners: Melanie Rex & Jan Johnstone 

Barbara Stimson & Lyn Bailie

Hamilton Ladies successes

Julie and Karen   Tina & Gilda: -

Julie and Karen                                   Tina and Gilda 


Waikato-Bays Novice winners: Suzanne Lugton and Tim Torr 

Winners of the Mini Congress Teams plate: Vivian Cornell, Jo Simpson, Sam Simpson & Michael Cornell with Derek Webb (President)

Posted: Wed 23 Nov 2016


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