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Message from Michael

Message from Michael

... a couple of new developments happening in this area.

  • Vil Gravis, long-time respected Grandmaster (since 1992) has started contributing commentary on the X-Clubs Home Page
  • Pianola reporting is coming to X-Clubs

Vil's commentaries are aimed at the newer players in his home club of Lower Hutt. They play on a Wednesday night so many of his comments are on boards that will have been played at our club too. Sometimes he discusses points that pop up in other sessions .. these articles provide valuable insight to all.

Bob Fearn, programmer of Compass scoring, is breaking new ground in working up Pianola reporting of X-Clubs results. This means that any registered player who completes an X-Clubs session (as we do ALL the time at Tauranga) will soon be receiving their X-Clubs results in an e-mail from Pianola.

Thanks to the generosity of James Ward, founder and CEO of Pianola, it will not be strictly necessary for a club to subscribe to Pianola so that its members can get Pianola results. Pianola e-mails will be going out to any X-Clubs players who have registered their e-mail address with X-Clubs It's very easy to unsubscribe from this new set of e-mails if it's just all TOO MUCH!! .. (but we hope you give it a shot before doing so).

Once you set up an account with Pianola your playing history will steadily accumulate on-line with the percentages being a much closer assessment of your result than what gets posted on the club noticeboard.

Thanks in anticipation of your co-operation
Mike Neels

Posted: Tuesday 10 May 2016

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