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It is a great way to practice or fill in time.

There are several sites that provide bridge online and many are basic, but there is one very good site called BBO (Bridge Base Online).  

This site allows you to join a table, or set up your own table, play in tournaments, practice bidding, join a teaching session or watch live games around the world. Live games are fun and are called Vugraph. These games could be National or International competitions in play right at that moment.

If you are a new player and want to slowly find your way around and not play under pressure, we recommend you got to the Relaxed Bridge Club  It is less competitive here and people will be more understanding with your inexperience.  Under Play or Watch bridge, click on "Casual" and in the green section select "Relaxed Bridge Club".  Once you get more confident, go to the "Main Bridge Club".

Most players here play Standard American, so if you want to play Acol, you may need to ask for an Acol player in the chat section.  It is better that your regular partner joins you, so you can practice and know what bids mean !

Once you get used to it, you can make friends (there is a way to tag them, so you spot them easily when online) and have chats with people from around the world.  I know of one club member who has made great friends with someone in the States and has visited them a couple of times.

It is free to play here, although you may have to pay to play in a tournaments or against robots (the computer)

To register, click on the following link.  Have a User Name and password ready.  Make sure your User Name is not too long and is one you are happy for others to see.  Some names maybe taken, so have a couple of ideas up your sleeve !  

Register here for BBO

Another site is call Sky Bridge and has been set up by a New Zealander to align with our lessons and is ideal for beginners

Again you need to register for this site and need to enter a User Name, email address and password.  You can play basic games here or upgrade to play unlimited hands

Register here for Sky Bridge

If you want help with BBO, contact Karen.  Her User Name is K1W1

Posted: Tuesday 31 May 2016

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