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Yippee we won our very own "Log of Wood" !

Yippee we won our very own

Congratulations to the Tauranga club for winning the Bay Shield.  It has been away from home far too long !

JUNIOR - results  Our team won all their matches and were 1st in the Junior section. 

INTERMEDIATE - results  Our team finished 3rd in the Intermediate section

OPEN - results  This team was 1st in the Open section

The winning team

Back row: Colin Roberts, Joy Bates, Mary Toner, Malcolm Christie, Melanie Rex, Stacey Hilton, Jan Gyenge, Jan Johnstone
Front row: Jo Simpson, Sam Simpson, Karen Martelletti, Kate Terry

Overall club results

RankTeamTotal VPSGradeVPsPlayers
1 Tauranga 196.73 Open 75.85 Jo Simpson, Sam Simpson, Kate Terry, Karen Martelletti    1st overall
Interm 50.19 Malcolm Christie, Colin Roberts, Mary Toner, Joy Bates      3rd overall
Junior 70.69 Jan Johnstone, Melanie Rex, Stacey Hilton, Jan Gyenge    1st overall
2 Whakatane 170.93 Open 39.44 Ian Drysdale, Bobbi Drysdale, Jane Searle, Sue Legat
Interm 70.83 Riet Jansen, Jenny Morris, Eric Burnie, Eric Flesch
Junior 60.66 Lynda Osborne, Ross Osborne, Cathy Roozendaal, Avril Gill
3 Rotorua 163.49 Open 69.86 Paul Cosgrove, Neil Dravitzki, Alan Dick, Ian Moore
Interm 42.63 Wendy Blackman, Elspeth Goodrick, Rex Tulloch, Joyce Reid
Junior 51.00 Sally Bradley, Maureen Carter, Annie Barry, Gabrielle Harris
4 Te Puke 132.75 Open 50.10 Christine Gibbons, Jenna Gibbons, Peter Johnston, Liz Gilbert
Interm 42.41 Eric McEwan, Josie Stewart, Tom Uden, Lorraine Creasy
Junior 40.24 Suellyn Caudwell, Ann Green, Eddie Paterson, Keith Reddaway
5 Mt Maunganui 121.52 Open 31.77 Shirley Knight, Sarah Stacey, Flo Nield, Carol Grant
Interm 43.51 Martin Van Der Meys, Caren Van Der Meys, Tina Dudley, Gilda Rowland
Junior 46.24 Carol Cullen, Joe Brown, Gill West, Phil West
6 Taupo 114.58 Open 32.98 Garth Robinson, Rona Driscoll, Rosemary Ritchie, Joan Berg
Interm 50.43 Barbara Horner, Pam Burry, Philippa Hull, Estelle Davis
Junior 31.17 Jan Cook, Helen Heatley, Lauren Lehndorf, Christine Judd

Melanie Rex holding up the trophy in a true winner's style

Posted: Monday 1 August 2016

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