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She never misses a trick, our Mavis !

She never misses a trick, our Mavis !

At 97, Mavis is our oldest member and treasure.  She cannot play golf and tennis these days, so now she is found at the bridge table 2 or 3 times a week.  The only member who commands such respect, she has her own seat reserved at West, Table 1 (daytime players, please take note).

So I asked her why sit EW when she would be quite entitled to ask for seating rights NS.  "Oh good heavens", she exclaimed, "I wouldn't get an excercise if I sat NS. It would be silly to sit around all day !"  Just such a shining example of an amazing attitude.

I had the pleasure to play with Mavis recently and it was a delight to be in her company all afternoon.  She is a no nonsense and matter of fact player who loves the game and the people and if we got a bad board, she would say "Oh that is OK, we have plenty more boards to play"

I asked her what was the secret to her longevity.  "Well I suppose the genes have something to do with it, but a positive attitude is very important to me.  If something happens in your life that knocks you dow, you have to get back on the horse, pick yourself up as quick as you can and get on with life.  No point moping around felling sorry for yourself"

At that point, Mavis came out with the best quote I have heard for a long time: "Don't worry about the things that don't concern you".  Yep, you have got life sorted Mavis and we are looking forward to celebrating your 100th in just 3 years time !  We love you dearly and you are an inspiration to us all.  See you at the Christmas party!

Posted: Friday 4 November 2016

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