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Survey results

Survey results

Friday Survey

Due to concerns with our finishing time clashing with the peak traffic, the committee felt it was time to survey members again to see if they wish to change the start time of Friday sessions.  The results were as follows:

76.7% - No change

6.8% - Start at 11 am

15.5% - Start at 12:30 pm

 1.0% - Start at 12:30 pm and only play 22 boards regardless of the number of tables

Of the comments, the most touched on having other commitments in the morning and not wanting the good part of the day playing bridge.  Many said they could cope with a 12:30 pm start, but did not think the traffic problems would be any less at 4:00 pm than 4:30 pm

Thank you all for the feedback.  The committee appreciates your input.

Jubilee dinner

The majority of members agreed it best to sell tickets to members only to start with and open it to partners about one week from the close off date if tickets are still available.

Posted: Friday 31 March 2017

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