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Internationals doing well in Lyon

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Sadly tireness and the occassion may have got our team and they lost the bronze medal batlle after two weeks of high pressure bridge.  We ended up 4th which is still an amazing acheivement and I am sure if we were told at the beginning of the event we would end up 4th we would be overjoyed.  The team nearly pulled it back in the last stanza.  The youngest pair put on their clean socks and had a great match , but not quite enough.  The final score was NZ 187 IMPs, Bulgaria 203 IMPs.  That is so close after six rounds of 16 boards.

NZ Open team: Geo Tislevoll, Matthew Brown, Michael Wibley, Ashley Bach, Michael Cornell & Michael Ware

Here are the Quarter final results.  No one expected NZ to win.  The Netherlands finished 2nd in the qualifying round and NZ just scrapped into the top eight for the first time ever and now they are in the top four. They have all played at Tauranga and we are very proud of them all.

Chrsitine Gibbons from our club was playing in the women's team with her daughter Jenna.  Sadly they did not make it past the qualifying rounds.Click on this link to read about Christine

This is Christine and Jenna playing against Sweden.  Note all players are behind screens, so they cannot see their partner during the bidding or play !

Internationals doing well in Lyon

Posted: Saturday 26 August 2017

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