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New chairs arrive soon

New chairs arrive soon

Donations for the new chairs

The Bridge club has ordered good quality chairs for the club, for the comfort of our members. We have received a grant from the Lion Foundation, and while this is substantial, it only covers about 25% of the total cost.  In order to raise more funds for these chairs, members (if they wish to) can make a donation of $100 per chair to the club. 

In return for their support, the member’s name will be placed on the back of a chair in recognition of their support.  This is not mandatory and members may make the donation anonymous if they so wish.

Everyone who makes a donation, will receive a receipt.

Please fill in the form at the desk or download it here and indicate how you wish to make your payment and also ensure you fill in your email address, so we can send your receipt electronically.  If you wish to make a payment online click here.  You will still need to fill in the form as well

The chairs will be arriving soon, watch this space….

Thank you !

Posted: Thursday 17 May 2018

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