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Class of 2018 have graduated !

Class of 2018 have graduated !

Well done and welcome to the new players out of classes who have now officially joined the club and ready to embark on a new hobby playing cards. Having had their brains thoroughly boiled, poached and scrambled over the last few months by such terms as Overcall, Ruffing, Finessing, Declarer, Dummy, Majors/Minors, Balanced/Unbalanced etc and furthermore, having reached the required state of bemusement, befuddlement and bewilderment, they are hereby granted the Title of Q.B.P. (Qualified Bridge Player)

To all you beginners: It is addictive and enjoyable game, but you may not think so just yet !

A big thank you to Carolyn Parker and her off-sider, Nick Comber, for the hard work preparing and running the lessons. It was wonderful to see the flowers and wine presented on the night by the class in recognition of their hard work. Thank you also to the many helpers during the weeks. You have all made the new players feel welcome and given support and encouragement where needed throughout. 


Posted: Tuesday 12 June 2018

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