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Merle Marr - RIP

Merle Marr - RIP

If anyone wishes to share memories of Merle, please email Karen M and we will post them here

Merle once was ranked No. 1 on the NZ Bridge Masterpoints rankings.  She was 89 and about to turn 90 in November

The photo of Merle was taken at one of our Christmas parties.

This photo at the club is of the first 3 Gold Grandmasters in NZ in 2003

Merle and Bruce were in a serious auction againstus and taking some considerable time to bid.  Bruce failed to alert a bid and a couple of bids later he finally put a circle around Merle's bid. She looked at him and just said "Good morning dear" !  I was a junior at the time and always thought the Marrs were a scary pair, but I quickly discovered they were prepared to laugh at themselves and enjoy their game at any level - Karen M

Merle wrote some great Do's and Dont's at the Bridge table.  I will try to find them to share with you all

Posted: Wednesday 14 August 2019

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