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We have gone keyless !!

We have gone keyless !!

We have installed a new secure door entry system and was switched on, on Thursday 6th February.

There is a tag reader on each door and those issued with a tag can scan their tag to unlock the building.  People can be given full or partial access, including those hiring or servicing the rooms.  This means some will not be able to access the office or will only be given a short time frame for when they have access.  This system also allows us to monitor all people accessing the building by name, date and time.

The doors will automatically be locked 30 minutes after the start of play to secure the building.  People can leave the rooms at any time by using the touch pad at the entrance of either door to unlock that particular door, but it will lock again behind them.  If they wish to return, they need to borrow a tag to get back in.

The doors will be unlocked at the end of play, but should then be latched open, so they do not lock until the last person has left the building.

This will make the rooms safe and secure during play.  Last year we had two incidents where unsavoury people entered the rooms during play and were difficult to remove, so we believe this is an important feature to use, but will review it and change it if necessary.

If a tag holder has lost their tag or no longer requires access, they can have their tag disabled.  In the past, it was very difficult to monitor and account for keys, as they often got handed around to others without us knowing. Our insurance company is a lot happier that we are now using an electronic system and that we can tell who has a key and the times and dates they enter or exit the building. All this is managed through Hello Club.

If for some reason you need a key either long term or temporarily, please contact Norm or Karen.

To access or exit the rooms during a power failure

To exit the building:  Use front doors used for mobility access or rear doors in the kitchen. 

To enter the building: Use the key to the front doors used for mobility access. A key will be held by Derek Webb and Norm Silcock.
NB: the doors in the foyer cannot be used.


If the building has to be vacated urgently, there is an emergency button in the foyer.  This will open all locked doors simultaneously. To operate, remove the protective cover and touch the “Press to Operate” button. The button will flash.  To turn this off, ask Norm, Peter, Karen or Derek to do this.

If you do not have your tag and wish to access the building, please contact Karen Martelletti or Mike Newton who can unlock the doors remotely.

A big thank you to Pub Charity and the Lion Foundation for funding we received to assit us with the cost of introducing this system

Also a big thank you to Hello Club for getting us the very latest technology and McKay Technologies Limited for the professional installation service they provided.

Posted: Monday 10 February 2020

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