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Farewell Amanda and Stephen

Farewell Amanda and Stephen

Stephen Francks  

Stephen has been a member since 1996.  He had a 3 year break during that time, so has been a member for a total of 21 years

He was the Finesse Editor in 2008 and helped with Beginner lessons from  2012 – 2017 (6 years)

During his time with us, he became a Director and Grand Master (2016)

Amanda Smith (please note, here surname is now Matthews)

Amanda has been a member since June 1997 when she graduated from the Class of 1997 with Frazer, so has been a member for 23 years

Amanda had many roles in the clubs:
She was the Finesse Editor: 2001 - 2003 and 2008 – 2010 (6 years)
Treasurer: 2006 – 2015 (10 years)
Beginners Bridge Principal Tutor: 2012 – 2017  (6 years)
Accounts Administrator: 2018 - present day

Like Stephen, she became a Director and Grand Master (2016)

In all her roles,Amanda has been well organised, thorough and paid attention to detail. She has put her heart and soul into everything she did in the club

Amanda and Stpehen met at bridge.  They offered a lot of support to Junior and Intermediate players and often held "boot camps" for those who cam eout of the beginner classes.  We will be all the poorer for them moving away from Tauranga, but hope to see them back from time to time.  Good luck with your new venture...

Farewell photo
Stephen Francks, Dale Allen, Amanda Smith and Kate Terry

Posted: Saturday 11 July 2020

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