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The X-Club is better than any X-Rated film !

The X-Club is better than any X-Rated film !

X-Club uses the same deals for the same session time. For example, we have a Wednesday evening session, so results for that night are compared with Dargaville, the Hutt, the Mount, New Plymouth, Te Awamutu and Whakatane who all have an evening session on Wednesday.  This allows participating clubs and players to score "across the field" .  The results are usually posted later that night, you can see how you scored in a field of hundreds rather than tens of pairs.  This makes your result more real, as results of a small field are more variable.

When your results are compared with a bigger field, they can go up or down or remain similar.  They rarely stay the same

For example, last Wednesday (6th July), Suzanne Lugton & Lynn Marra got 59.64% at our club, but when their boards were scored against over 90 other pairs, their result went up to 62.61% and came 5th over the whole field in the X-Club.  What an awesome result.

To view the results at any time, click on the Results Tab on the top of our website and select X-Club or you can click here to go there  now

The other great feature is the League tables identifying the players who keep doing well overall and within their grades. Here is the good news..........

Individual League: Over all grades, the best individual out of 553 players is Ron Scott who is averaging 61.51% over 31 sessions  That is amazing !  Alan Turner is 8th with an average of 58.8%.

The best Junior on this list is Steve Porter with an amazing average of 57.28%  Click here to view the individual list

Pairs League: Then we go onto the top pairs across all grades and surprise surprise, Alan Turner and Ron Scott are number 1 with an average of 62.35% and Ron with Judy McLeod iin 3rd place.    

2nd best Junior pair and 12th overall are Steve Porter & Margaret Guy .  Click here to view the Pairs list

There are 25 participating clubs in total and we were one of the first to join when it was formed in 2012 by Michael Neels of Cambridge

Links to the Results Pages of Participating Clubs

Posted: Thursday 7 July 2016

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