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New Year's Honours List - January 2024

The New Year's Honours List

January 2024

Read below to see our members who have reach new milestones in their Bridge rankings over the 2023 year.
Congratulations everyone! 


Below are the members who were promoted to the following GRADES on 1 January 2024:


Simon Eminson
Frances Ball
Delwyn Jenkins


Keryn O’Brien
Steve O’Brien
Cathy Parker


Below are the members who were promoted to the following RANKS during 2023:

Life Master

Gillian Corbett


Shirley Bain

Provincial Master

Simon Eminson
Frances Ball

Local Master

Keryn O’Brien
Steve O’Brien
Hilary McKenna
Jenny Lynam
Ronnie Ryan
Sue Greig
Chris Buckley

Club Master

Cathy Parker
Rebecca Taylor
Kerri Friar
Bruce Woolley
Clare Trass
Bernie Robinson
Janice Watson
Liz O’Riordan

Certificate of Proficiency

Mark Wardill
Kate Wade
Rebecca Bartlett
Sue Collin


Below are the members who were awarded new 'STARS' during 2023 bringing their total number of stars to the number shown below:

Life Master

1 Star - Judith Malcolm

Provincial Master

2 Stars - Bren Birss
1 Star - Mike Newton

Local Master

7 Stars - Kay Wright
5 Stars - Joy Bates
5 Stars - Peter Hagan
5 Stars - Rosalind Phillips
4 Stars - Ross Petersen
4 Stars - Ruth Sweatman
4 Stars - Lorraine Murrie
3 Stars - Megan Wackrow
3 Stars - Barbara Haseltine


2 Stars - Barbara Stimson
1 Star   - Deidre Gunn
1 Star   - Jackie Blue
1 Star   - Jill Ussher
1 Star   - Jenni Davies
1 Star   - Brenda Brettkelly
1 Star   - Sue Martin

2023 POINTS EARNED (Ranking Reports)

NZ Bridge tracks the points that bridge players earn throughout the year. At the end of the year, NZ Bridge produce a 'ranking report' showing the top 20 points earners (by rank) throughout the year. We are honoured to have eight club members who feature on this ranking report. Below is their nationwide placing within their ranks for points earned during 2023:

Gold Master

20th - Jenna Gibbons

Silver Master

5th - Jo Simpson
7th - Simpson


10th - Kate Terry


16th - Graham Young

Provincial Master

19th - Mike Newton

Local Master

20th - Deidre Gunn

Club Master

18th - Cathy Parker

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