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Tournament Successes for 2017

Tournament Successes for 2017

National 15A Teams - view results
5th - Rachelle & Murray Wood and team mates
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Te Awamutu Christmas Pairs - view results
2nd - Heather Melville & Graham Young

2017 National Congress

Intermediate Teams - view results
2nd - Melanie Rex, Carol Cullen, Bren Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Same Sex Pairs - view results 
2nd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

Intermediate Pairs - view results
6th - Megan Wackrow & Chris Andrews

NZ Teams view qualifying results
Qualified for the top 16:
Rochelle Pelkman & Murray Wood and team mates
Top Womens team (Cormack Cup):
Kate Terry, Judy Pawson, Karen Martelletti, Jo Simpson & Julie Sherida

Back to the Future Teams - view results
8th - Judy Pawson, Kate Terry, Karen Martelletti & Richard Fletcher

Click here to view the 2017 National Congress prize list

Mount Resticted - view results

Intermediate-Intermediate 1st - Janice Simpson & Eric Birnie
                                        2nd - Peter & June Hagan
Open-Intermediate: 1st - Ruth Sweatman & Margaret Wakelin
                              3rd - Bruce Ballard & Hattie Curtis
Open-Junior: 3rd - Stephen Francks & Mike Newton

Rotorua Resticted - view results

Intermediate-Intermediate 1st - Pamela Pedersen and Bren Birss
Junior-Intermediate: 1st - Lyn Bailie and Ross Petersen
Junior-Open: 2nd - Elaine Kingsford and Julie Sheridan

Thames Restricted - view overall results    view Graded results

Open-Intermediate: 3rd - Melanie Rex & Kate Terry
Intermediate-Intermediate: 1st - Brenda Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Waikato-Bays Grade Teams final - view results

Open: 3rd - Tauranga
Intermediate: 2nd - Tauranga
Junior: 3rd - Tauranga

Waikato-Bays Rubber Bridge final

2nd - Jo & Sam Simpson

Fullerton Teams - view results

2nd - Jo & Sam Simpson, Grant Jarvis, Debs & Scott Smith

Tauranga Ladies Pairs - view results

1 - Jo Simpson & Kathy Yule
2nd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
3rd - Lois Taylor & Liz Simpson

Cambridge Sixes

Teams overall view results
3rd - (Wo) men in Black: Sam Simpson & Jo Simpson, 
        Andrea Andresen & Malcolm Christie, Jo Wenham & Barry Doyle

Pairs overall
Open - view results
1st - Sam Simpson & Jo Simpson
2nd - Judy Pawson & Pat Rutherford

Dress up:
1st - Turkish Delight: Edna Nicholson & Shirley Knight, 
         Anne Clarke & Chris Gibson, Kath Harvey & Jan Russell
3rd - Royal Flush: Stephen Francks & Amanda Smith, Colin Roberts & Joy Bates, 
         Angela Newton & Mike Newton

Mount Novice Pairs - view results

1= - Rae Holmes & Chris Buckley
3rd - Kathy Pender & Helene Paterson

Mount Junior Pairs - view results

2nd - Suzanne Lugton & Jo Wenham
6th - Diane Blumsom & Helen Moffatt

Mount Intermediate Pairs - view results

3rd - Chris Andrews & Megan Wackrow
6th - Judy Waldvogel & Janice Simpson

Save the Children Pairs - view results

1st - Kate Terry & Marion Kelly
2nd - Alan Turner & Graham Young
3rd - Jo Simpson & Judy McLeod

BOP Pairs FINAL result - view results

1st - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
2nd - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
4th - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

BOP Pairs Rd 4 - view results

1st - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
2nd - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
3rd - Jan Gyenge & Karen Martelletti
4th - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Tauranga Novice Pairs - view results

1st - Bruce Woolley & Barabara Kelly
2nd - Kahy Abel & Jill Stewart
3rd - Steve O'Brien & Keryn O'Brien

Tauranga Intermediate Pairs - view results

1st - Rosalind Phillips & Jill Ussher
2nd - Mike Nicholson & Carol Cullen
3rd - Joan Cunliffe & Margaret Adams
5th - Jan Johnstone & Janice Simpson

Tauranga Junior Pairs - view results

2nd - Robyn Knight & Judith Robinson
3rd - Diane Blumsom & Helen Moffatt
4th - Jan Gyenge & Judith George

BOP Pairs Rd 3 - view results

1st - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
2nd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
4th - Alan Turner & Stephen Francks
5th - Pat Ware & Bruce Inglis

Auckland QBW Congress

Open Teams - view results
1st - Jo Simpson, Sam Simpson and team mates

10A Pairs - view results
4th - Jo Simpson, Sam Simpson

Hawkes Bay QBW Congress

Open Teams - view results
1st - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood and team mates
3rd - Christine Gibbons and team mates

Intermediate Teams - view results
5th - Peter & June Hagan, Megan Wackrow & Chris Andrews

10A Pairs - view results
7th - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

BOP Pairs Rd 2 - view results

1st - Christine & Jenna Gibbons
4th - Heather Melville & Judy McLeod
5th - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Te Puke Intermediate -  view results

2nd - Eric Burnie & Janice Simpson
5th - Brenda Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Waikato-Bays Region Inter-Provincial Teams Trials

view results of the Open/Women/Seniors
view results of the Intermediate

Open: Linley Hay & Bruce Inglis
Christine Gibbons, Judy Pawson & Kate Terry
Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood, Tony Hacking & Pat Rutherford
Brenda Birss & Pamela Pedersen

Chef de Mission: Karen Martelletti

Hamilton Ladies (Open) - view results

2nd - Judy Pawson & Kate Terry
5th - Judy McLeod & Judith Malcolm

BOP Pairs Rd1 - view results

1st - Julie Sheridan & Dot Skousgaard
3rd - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
6th - Judy Pawson & Kate Terry

Wellington Congress

Open Swiss Pairs - view results

5th - Kate Terry & Karen Martelletti

Auckland Easter Walk-in Pairs - view reults

4th - Sam and Jo Simpson

Tauranga Open Pairs - view results

1st - Rachelle Pelkman & Richard Solomon

Waihi All-Grade 8B Pairs view results

4th - Tony Hacking & Pat Rutherford

Mount Multi-Grade Pairs view results

1st -Christine & Jenna Gibbons
2nd - Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti
3rd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
5th - Pam Bell & Pat Ware

Best Junior/Intermediate Pair: Jill Ussher & Irene Williams
Best Intermediate Pair: Pamela Pedersen & Brenda Birss
Best Open/Intermediate Pair: Amanda Smith & Joy Bates

Te Puke Restricted Pairs - view results

1st - Amanda Smith & Joy Bates
2nd - Bren Birss & Pamela Pedersen
4th - Sadie Vernall & Lorraine Murrie
5th - Julie Sheridan & Robyn Knight

North Island Teams - view results

3rd - Sam and Jo Simpson with team mates Grant Jarvis and Jan Cormack

Tauranga Mini Congress

Waikato Bays 10A Pairs - view results

5th - Sam and Jo Simpson

Tauranga 10A Teams Final - view results

1st - Rochelle Pelkman, Murray Wood, Grant Jarvis & Kate Davies

Tauranga 10A Teams Plate - view results

3rd - Kate Terry, Judy Pawson, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Waikato Bays 3A Pairs - view results

1st - Sam and Jo Simpson
4th - Alan Turner & Ian Berrington

Australian National Open Teams - Canberra

Top Women's Team: Marion Kelly, Kate Terry, Karen Matelletti & Mary Ellen Newton

Thames Summer Festival

5A Barclay Pairs  - view results

1st - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson

John Eldridge Teams - view results

1st - Ken & Kathy Yule and team mates

Top Women's team in the NZ Teams
Kate Terry, Karen Martelletti, Julie Sheridan, Allan Morris (NZB Board member) and
Judy Pawson. Not present in the photo was Jo Simpson who filled in for the team at
the last minute.  We could not have done it without Jo !

3rd in the Teams: (Wo) men in Black

Best Dressed Team: Turkish Delight


Open IP Team                                                   Women's IP Team


Seniors IP Team                                               Intermediate IP Team

Richard Solomon & Rachelle Pelkman

Top Women's team in the Australian National Teams
Karen Matelletti, Kate Terry, Mary Ellen Newton &  Marion Kelly

Posted: Mon 20 Nov 2017


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