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Boston Cup

The Boston Cup started in 1968 and has been going strong ever since.

Here is the history of the Boston Cup

A member, Yvonne Gordon, donated the cup in 1968 in memory of her husband, Don who donated the trophy for the "Don Gordon" Singles.  Yvonne's request was that it was a competition between men’s and women’s teams and that the trophy be known as the Boston Cup. No one knew why it was called this until researching the history for our 50th Jubilee, we discovered that Yvonne came from a place called Boston in Lincolnshire, England.  So the mystery surrounding how this event got its name was solved 40 years after the event started !

For the first two years of th event, women were the victors and since then there has been an even mix of the sexes winning the event.

About 20 years ago, Karen Martelletti and Judy Pawson gave all the teams a name – and the hitherto the somewhat sedate nature of the competition was gone forever! The last night of the Boston Cup has become a chance to bring out sewing machines, raid opportunity shops, visit emporia and $2 shops, over-dress, under-dress and cross-dress.

On the first such occasion the ‘Country Girls’ (Jan Anderson, Pam Bell, Lynne Smyth and Pat Ware) arrived in gumboots, ancient farm gear and straw. Since that bucolic beginning, each team has tried to outdo the next and the Parade of Teams bears a greater resemblance to a cabaret than an evening of bridge! Who will ever forget “The Bad Habits”, “The Has Beens”, “Adam and Eve”, “The Hopefuls”, “The Invincibles”, “The Royal Flush”, “The Boston Tea Party”, "The Cheaters", "4 Hors", "The Kelly Gang", "The Trump Team", "The Bridge Wardens", "Bring Home the Bacon", "Knights of the Round Table", "Busted", "The Leading Ladies", "No Jokers", "Grand Mistresses", "Gays Fowls", "TOPPs", "Stop Cards", "M & Ms" to name quite a few ?

Click here to view photos taken over the years

In 2002 we hit the news and there was a photo and article in the local paper

Posted: Thu 07 Jun 2018


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