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2019 BOP Interclub Teams

2019 BOP Interclub Teams

All three teams performed well and Tauranga won in resounding fashon by 36.96 VPs.  

The teams were as follows:

JUNIOR:  This was the anchor team.  They were 1st overall and won all their matches. 
Well done Ronnie & Athol Ryan, Steve & Keryn O'Brien 
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INTERMEDIATE: This team was 3rd overall and only 0.54 VPs off getting 2nd.  Oh so close. 
Well done Andrea Andresen, Jan Gyenge, Bob Callcut and Lyn Bailie 
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OPEN: This team was 1st overall, having come from behind on their last match. 
Well done Judy Pawson, Kate Terry, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti 
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The winning team:
Back: Kate Terry, Bob Callcut, Athol Ryan, Ronnie Ryan, Lyn Bailie, Steve O'Brien,
          Keryn O'Brien, Julie Sheridan, Jan Gyenge
Front: Karen Martelletti, Judy Pawson, Andrea Andresen

Is this team happy or what ?

Posted: Monday 29 July 2019

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