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Melbourne Cup winners

Melbourne Cup winners

1st 2nd 3rd
Sweepstake 1  -  Joy Holmes Pam Bell Robin Cunliffe
Sweepstake 2  -  Jill Stewart Karen Martelletti Kate Terry
Sweepstake 3  -  Robin Cunliffe Jennie Ross Karen Martelletti
Sweepstake 4  -  Kate Terry June Barclay Diana Hansard
Sweepstake 5  -  Margaret Wakelin Nola Darvill Kay Beadle
Sweepstake 6  -  Kate Terry Margaret Athy Alison Boyd
Sweepstake 7  -  Sadie Vernall Sue Geig Mike McKeown
Sweepstake 8  -  Sue Geig Peter Hagan Eileen King
Sweepstake 9  -  Gwenyth Edwards Carol Duncan Peter Hagan
Sweepstake 10 -  Joy Bates Sybil Anderson Gwenyth Edwards
Sweepstake 11 -  Ross Petersen Marie Duncanson Robin Brand

Crongratulations to the winners. Please collect your winnings from the office when you are next at the club.

Horse placings Prize money
1st - Vow and Declare $24
2nd - Prince of Arran $16
3rd - Il Paridiso $8

Posted: Wednesday 6 November 2019

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