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Tournament Success for 2020

Tournament Success for 2020

Rotorua Xmas - view results

1st: Christine Gibbons & Mike Curry
2nd: Judy McLeod & Judy Pawson
3rd: Sam Simpson & Liz Fisher

Waikato Xmas Pairs - view results

2nd: Judy Pawson & Kate Terry

Hamilton Open Pairs - view results

3rd: Sam Simpson & Jo Simpson

Hamilton Restricted Pairs - view results

2nd: Jenny Myhill & Ross Petersen
4th: Jan Gyenge & Graham Young

Matamata 3A Pairs view results

5th: Shirley Bain & Graham Young
6th: Christine Gibbons & Jenna Gibbons

Tauranga 5A Pairs view results

3rd: Jo & Sam Simpson

Tauranga Intermediate - view results

1st: Janice Simpson & Eric Burnie
2nd: Jan Gyenge & Stacey Hilton
3rd: Peter & June Hagan

Best Junior Pair: Hilary McKenna & Chris Buckley

Tauranga Ladies - view results

1st: Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
2nd: Shirley Bain & Jo Simpson
4th: Lorraine Murrie & Gillian Corbett

Hamilton Restricted Teams - view results

1st: Melanie Rex, Joy Bates, Graham Young & Shirley Bain

Tauranga Charity Pairs - view results

Top Junior/Junior: Janice Watson & Jenny Lynam
Top Intermediates: Belinda Ford & Kay Beadle
Top Open/Junior: Keryn O'Brien & Jo Simpson

1st: Pat Rutherford & Jan Gyenge
2nd: Stacey Hilton & Graham Young
3rd: Julie Sheridan & Robyn Knight

Gold Coast Congress

D section Open Pairs - view results

2nd - Jo & Sam Simpson

Best Women's team - Rachelle Pelkman &  Steph Jacob and team mates

National Swiss Pairs - view results

6th - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Rotorua 10A Teams- view results

2nd - Jo & Sam Simpson with Ian Berrington & Fuxia Wen

13th Tauranga Mini Congress

Waikato Bays Provincial Pairs - view results
1st - Bruce Marr (ex Tauranga) & Ev Hurley

Tauranga Restricted Pairs - view results
1st - Diane Rodger & Lun Bailie
3rd Rosalind Phillips & Linley Hay

Tauranga 10A Teams - view final result  view result
3rd - the Marr Team

Tauranga Consolation 5A Pairs - view results
1st - Norm Silcock & Marion Kelly

An 89 year gap between these two !  Our oldest and youngest members both played in the Charity tournament.  Two sessions was a long for both of them, but they came through with flying colours and celebrated together at the end of the day. 

Mavis Meyer and Rosie Rex

Eric Burnie, Andrea Cawley (sponsor) & Janice Simpson

Hilary McKenna, Andrea (sponsor) & Chris Buckley

Pat Rutherford, Trish (from Plunket) and Jan Gyenge

Graham Young, Trish & Stacey Hilton

  Rachelle and Murray.jpg
Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood 

Posted: Tue 08 Dec 2020


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