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New Handicaps calculations for club events

New Handicaps calculations for club events

At the last Committee meeting we agreed to change to a new handicap system, based on the EBU (English Bridge Union) calculations.

This is all possible because of the scoring package we use and the fact that our results are collated by the XClub. We have looked at results using the current handicap and the proposed handicap and are confident this is a positive change to make. The amount of data included in the handicap improves the accuracy of the calculation and better reflects current ability of each player.

For the majority of our members, there will be little difference to the overall results. The big difference is that the handicaps are no longer static. Each week your handicap may change, as this is a dynamic system. It is based on lots of boards (up to 2000) and each week your latest results are added to the calculation. Not only that, your results are based on the strength of your opponents. The EBU have been using this system now for a few years and NZB is looking at adopting it or something similar in the future.

We hope you appreciate this change as we look to ways of improving our processes and use technology to our advantage.

If you have any questions or have a mathematical mind and would like to understand the calculations, please ask Karen, or click on this link to go to the XClub website to read more about it.

The first event to use this handicap will start on Tuesday the 10th March. All handicap events thereafter will use the new system.

Posted: Tuesday 3 March 2020

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