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We are offering RealBridge sessions to club members - and visitors - who want to play this wonderful game from home. Session details will be shown on this page.

All sessions will open 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. You will play the same boards as are played at the club and results will be scored across the field (where applicable). Table money will be charged for club sessions and will be deducted from your Hello Club account. Results will be posted on the results page of this website.

It's very helpful to have reserves so please log in and we may be able to make up a pair. 

Realbridge Session  Date  Time Player Link  Director

Waikato Bays IPs - Intermediate Practice Sessions

20 November 2023

Starts at 07:00 pm

Please be login by 6:45

Link to RealBridge Session

 Rebecca Osborne & Hugh McAlister

For more information and their player guide check out the RealBridge website: RealBridge with Real People

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