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Tournament Success for 2019

Hamilton Intermediate Pairs - view results

3rd - Bob Callcut & Joe Brown

Spa Town Open Teams - view Results

Spa Town Restricted Teams - view Results
1st - Melanie Rex, Joy Bates, Graham Young & Shirley Bain
4th - Hattie Curtis & Alan Mace

Rotorua Open - view results

2nd  - Jo & Sam Simpson
3rd - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Tauranga Novice Pairs - view results

1st - Bev Boyd & Tara Sherwood
2nd - Clare Trass & Jenny Glubb
3rd - Robyne Smit & Toni Stewart

Tauranga Junior Pairs - view results

2nd - Athol Ryan & Ronnie Ryan
3rd - Jill Stewart & Kathy Abel

Tauranga Intermediate Pairs - view results

1st - Suzanne Lugton & Helen Charteris
4th - Eric Burnie & Janice Simpson
5th - Judy Waldvogel & Helen Bryant

BOP Pairs Rd 3 - view results

2nd - Bob Callcutt & John Laugeson
5th - Amanda Smith & David Taylor

Hawkes Bay QBW 10A Pairs - view results

3rd= - Christine & Jenna Gibbons
7th - Ranald Ducal & Dennis Apperley

Hawkes Bay 10A Teams - view final results    view plate results
Final: 4th - Judy McLeod and team mates
Plate: 4th - Marion Kelly, Norm Silcock, Pat Rutherford & Judy Pawson

Auckland QBW Swiss Pairs - view results
10th - Julie Sheridan & Claire McAllister

Auckland QBW 10A Pairs - view results
7th - Jo & Sam Simpson 

Auckland 10A Teams - view results
2nd - Jo & Sam Simpson and team mates

Auckland QBW 3A Pairs - view results
3rd - Bruce Inglis & Stephen Goodman

BOP Pairs Rd 2 - view results

2nd - Julie Sheridan & Shirley Knight
3rd - Kate Terry & Judy Pawson
4th - Linley Hay & Diane Rodger

Te Puke Restricted Pairs - view results

2nd - Ross Petersen & Barbara Stimson
1st - Elaine Kingsford & Julie Sheridan
2nd - Annie Barry & Trish Kidd
1st - Bob Callcut & Linley Hay

Katikati Intermediate - view results

2nd - Judy Waldvogel & Janice Simpson
4th - Patty Spencer & Lyn Bailie

Waikato-Bays trials - click here to view the full team and photos

WOMEN'S TEAM:Christine, Kate Terry and Judy Pawson - selected

SENIOR TEAM: Julie Sheridan and Karen Martelletti - view results

Hamilton Ladies Pairs - view results

3rd - Judy Pawson & Kate Terry

BOP Pairs Round 1 - view results

1st - Christine & Jenna Gibbons
2nd- Julie Sheridan & Shirley Knight
4th - Carolyn Parker & Nick Comber

Wellington 10A Pairs - view results

2nd - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Hamilton Restricted Pairs - view results

Top Open/Junior and 5th overall: Athol Ryan & Karen Martelletti

Mount Multi Grade - view results

Top Open/Intermediate and 1st overall: Dot Skousgaard & Margaret Guy
Top Junior/Junior: Teri Logie & Gill West
Top Int/Int: Chris Gibson & Anne Clark
2nd Top Open/Open: Amanda Smith & Joy Bates

Tauranga Open Pairs - view results

2nd - Christine & Jenna Gibbons
3rd - Rachelle Pelkman & Richard Solomon

Waihi 8B Pairs - View overall results or view Stratefied results

Group 1: 2nd - Karen Martelletti & Julie Sheridan
Group 2: 1st - Leo Duyvestyn & John Laugeson
Group 3: 2nd - Janice Simpson & Eric Burnie

Rotorua 10A Teams - view results

4th - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood 
            with team mates Brett Glass & Gary Foidl

Taupo Intermediate Pairs - view results

3rd - Andrea Andresen & Jan Gyenge

Taranaki Congress Teams - view results

1st - Sam & Jo Simpson
          with team mates Jan Alabaster & Pam Livingston
5th - Norm Silcock, Kate Terry & Karen Martelletti
          with  team mate Mindy Wu

North Island Teams - view results
Click here to read the NZB article about this event

2nd - Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood
            with team mates Herman Yuan & Yuzhong Chen

12th Tauranga Mini Congress

Waikato Bays Provincial Pairs - view results
1st - Sam & Jo Simpson

Tauranga 10A Teams - view final result  view qualifying result
4th - Sam & Jo Simpson with Vivian & Michael Cornell
Best team with less than 400 A points - 
Carolyn Parker, Nick Comber, Ranald Ducat & Dennis Apperley 

Click on this link to read about the Mini Congress and view photos on NZB's Facebook

Spa Town Restricted Teams winners: Melanie Rex, Joy Bates, Shirley Bain & Graham Young

Novice Pairs winners: Tara Sherwood & Bev Boyd

Blair Fisher & Russell Wilson - winners of the Tauranga 5A Pairs

Yuzhong Chen, Herman Yuan, Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood 


Tournament Success for 2019

Posted: Monday 15 July 2019

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