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Tuesday Championship Singles


Championship Singles: Sam Simpson

Championship TeamsJo & Sam Simpson, Rachelle Pelkman & Murray Wood

Championship Pairs: Judy Pawson & Kate Terry

Intermediate Championship Singles: Mike McKeown

Intermediate Championship Pairs: Lorraine Murrie & Jocelyn Buchanan

Intermediate Championship Teams: Jo Wenham, Barry Doyle, Daphne Hoyle & Cathy Brown 

Junior Championship Singles: Jean Sales & Dianne Gibson

Junior Championship Pairs: Steve O'Brien

Junior Championship TeamsSue Greig & Tony de Jong, Heath Smart & Jenny Lynam

Daytime Championship Pairs: Marion Kelly & Rachelle Pelkman

Daytime Championship Singles: Judy Pawson

Tuesday Championship Singles: Pat Rutherford


Championship Singles: Karen Martelletti

Championship TeamsJudy Pawson, Kate Terry, Julie Sheridan & Karen Martelletti

Championship Pairs: Jo & Sam Simpson

Intermediate Championship Singles:  Jan Gyenge

Intermediate Championship Pairs: Jan Gyenge and Stacey Hilton

Intermediate Championship Teams: Jan Gyenge, Mary Toner, Diane Menzies & Ruth Pepper

Junior Championship Singles: Diana Foster and Pam Miles

Junior Championship PairsMike Newton & Angela Newton

Junior Championship Teams: Jill Stewart, Kathy Abel, Jenny Lynam & Pam Miles

Daytime Championship Pairs: Judy Pawson & Judy McLeod

Daytime Championship Singles: Judy Pawson

Tuesday Championship Singles: Pat Rutherford


Championship Singles: Hank Ping

Championship Pairs: Judith Malcolm & Henry Levy

Championship Teams: Jo & Sam Simpson, Ken & Kathy Yule

Intermediate Championship Singles: Joy Bates

Intermediate Championship Pairs: Bruce Gibson & Mike McKeown

Intermediate Championship Teams: Stacey Hilton, Brenda Brettkelly, Cathy Brown & Jan Gyenge

Junior Championship Singles: Jennifer Davies

Junior Championship Pairs: Don Espie & Stu Dumbleton

Junior Championship Teams: Don Espie, Jennifer Davies, Suzanne Lugton & Lynn Marra

Daytime Championship Pairs: Judy McLeod & Judy Pawson

Daytime Championship SinglesJudy Pawson

Tuesday Championship Singles: Carol Cullen


Championship Singles: Stephen Francks

Championship Pairs: Bruce Ballard & Tony Hacking

Championship Teams: Yule team - Ken & Kathy Yule, Jo & Sam Simpson

Intermediate Championship Singles: Kay Wright

Intermediate Championship Pairs: Dianne Menzies and Ruth Pepper

Intermediate Championship Teams: Freda Thomson & Jo Wenham, Daphne Hoyle & Diana Maltby

Junior Championship Singles: Margaret Guy

Junior Championship Pairs: Erika Schofield & Brian Schofield

Junior Championship Teams: Margaret Guy, Steve Porter, Jackie Reynish, Jane Church & Joan Hutson

Daytime Championship Singles: Pat Rutherford

Tuesday Championship Singles: Cam Fisher

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Championship Event winners

Posted: Wednesday 1 May 2019

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